Would you like to start your business in the Canary Islands?

Reasons to start your business in the Canary Islands

Its infrastructures, services and competitive tax environment make the islands a first class business HUB

It is an international destination with strategic location between Europe, Africa and America

It has the best climate with  77 F / 22 ºC temperature average and about 5000 hours of light per year

Puerto deportivo
Aeropuerto de Gran Canaria

Innovate and enjoy quality of life?

Due to the excellent air and sea connections as well as a high quality infrastructure for virtual networks, the Canary Islands are a key digital connection point between Africa and Europe. Thanks to its location, the archipelago is the ideal logistics platform for companies in any sector that want to operate efficiently between Europe, Africa and America.

The Canary Islands are the perfect place to undertake and develop innovative solutions because, in addition to having the best climate in the world, day to day is developed within a multicultural atmosphere, with advanced educational and health systems and affordable cost of living, which make to the Canary Islands in one of the main tourist destinations at European level.