Our coworkers

The primary aim of PROEXCA is to become a source of reference for the Canary Islands internationalization process and to attract investments.

Its general objectives are:

  • Promote the internationalization of the Canarian companies.
  • Strengthen the Canary business network.
  • Attract investments from strategic sectors into the Canary Islands.

Proexca is a collaborator of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) Canarias, which provides its clients with a broad range of free help, support and advice services.  It provides information and supplies guidance about access to the policies, the programmes and EU funding opportunities.

Spegc’s main purpose is to promote the economic development of Gran Canaria by promoting investment for the creation of companies, so it has the mission of promoting economic and business activities that contribute to the development and expansion of Gran Canaria.

It focuses its actions on the following areas:

  • Support initiatives to create and consolidate companies.
  • Promote innovation in the productive fabric.
  • Promote the improvement of the factors that affect the competitiveness of the island.
  • Attract companies and external investors.
  • Provide information on economic and business content.