We support and promote the entrepreneurial
ecosystem of the Canary Islands.

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The world is moving towards a digital driven economy, and this global change is reshaping the way companies are doing businesses, no matter the industry or the country they are running. Canary Islands are not an exception. Over the last ten years local authorities have been leading different unlinked initiatives, aiming to set up an entrepreneur ecosystem, putting together ideas, talent, spaces and sometimes even funding capital.

Private commitment is absolutely necessary for this ecosystem to strengthen and growth. Access to acceleration programs and private funds as a complement to public local incubators will lead to a sight more competitive and solid tech industry.

Our partners


CEO of the Domingo Alonso Group, is a member of the Gran Canaria Business Circle and of the academic board of The Valley.

Domingo Alonso, a family business group, began by exporting tomatoes. In 1935 it used its international relations to enter the automobile sector and in 1953 became the fourth oldest Volkswagen importer world wide.

The group’s expansion and diversification strategy includes investment in information and communications technologies and consultancy with more than €10 million invested in the last five years. It also has various companies in this sector.


Jose Julio Artiles has worked in various companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation London, BNP Paribas London, Endesa Canarias and Caixa Bank Canarias.

He is currently Vice Chair of the Gran Canaria Business Circle, patron of the Fundación Satocan Júngel Sanjuán and Managing Director of the Satocan Group, a position he has held since 2000.

The Satocan Group is a leading and strongly diversified Canary Islands business group that leads projects in the islands’ main economic sectors such as tourism, industry, real estate promotion, construction, leisure, food, healthcare and airlines and that through this initiative seeks to consolidate this diversification strategy in emerging and future sectors.


Andrés Domínguez Pérez is a Director of the DinoSol group , and the HD Group.

DinoSol has more than 200 establishments in five of the seven Canary Islands and has more than 7,000 employees. Its flagships include HiperDino, SuperDino and HiperDino Express.

The group aims decidedly for innovation to offer excellence in service to its customers and to optimise purchasing processes.

As well as other business lines, the HD group has promoted various hotel complexes in the Canary Islands.


María José Etala Socas belongs to the second generation of one of the founding families of the Capisa Group. She has been a director at the Capisa Group since 2016.

Grupo Capisa is a leading business group in the Canary Islands in the Industrial Sector, with purely Canarian capital. Dedicated to the import of raw materials, manufacture of feed for animals, flours for human consumption, manufacture of frozen dough and management of livestock farms.

The Capisa Group is committed, decidedly, to innovation and quality. More than fifty years of experience in the sector, guarantee a team of professions focused on a common goal, which is none other than achieving excellence in all processes, both internal and external, without losing sight of sustainability in the most large. Increasing year after year, its contribution to the economic development of the Canary Islands.

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Lanzateide is a company dedicated to various economic activities, mainly food retail, tourism, industrial interests, refrigerated and dry warehouses, and real estate activity.

It is owned by two companies, Montesano, leading meat industry in the Canarian market, and Pida, with main activity as an importer of refrigerated and frozen meats.


José Luis León, an Economist and MBA, has developed his professional career in leading consumer companies such as R.J.R. Nabisco and Japan Tobacco International, serving as Business Director and member of the JTI Iberia Executive Committee.

He is currently the General Director of the Aguas Minerales de Firgas Group and Vice President of VICSA.

Firgas, founded in 1930, is the leading company in the Canary Islands in the sector of soft drinks and is among the top 10 nationwide in the Mineral Water sector.

The Group’s growing commitment to innovation, technological transformation and diversification has meant an investment of 20 million euros in the period 2016-2020.



Francisco López Sánchez has been CEO of Lopesan Hotel Group since 2003 and has a long professional career linked to hotel and business management.

With a degree in tourism business management from the Florida International University, López is responsible for the expansion of the Lopesan Group, the monitoring of architectural projects and the company’s digital strategy.

Currently, Lopesan Hotel Group is the leading hotel company in the Canary Islands and one of the ten most important in Spain, with more than 17,000 beds distributed in 20 hotels present in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Germany, Austria and the Dominican Republic. Lopesan began its activity in 1972 in the public construction sector and has managed to diversify its activity, gaining prominence in the tourism sector, real estate development, leisure and services.

RAQUEL MONTES SUÁREZ - Directora de Transformación Digital

Her mission is to provoke the internal cultural change to implement the necessary Digital Transformation that will lead the DISA Group to the best version of itself.
Working with multidisciplinary teams of all the businesses involved, detecting the driving leaders in each of them, identifying the digital talent of the company, to develop transformative projects that make us put the client and the data in the center of the corporation.

She works with passion, surrounding herself with better professionals, because it is a continuous learning, in a constant identification of criteria that best define their digital strategy.


Jorge Petit Sánchez is the CEO of HPS-Perpetuo Socorro Hospital. Specialist in Intensive Medicine, and master in Hospital Management, in Health Economics and Health Management, as well as master in Senior Management.



General Director of Contactel and a leading businessman in the technologies sector.

Juan Ramírez Said, telecommunications engineer has working in international consultancies and public companies, after passing through companies such as La Caja de Canarias and Endesa and as Technical Director of the Canary Islands Research and Development Institute, he founded Contactel in 1999.

The company is a leader in the development of intelligent communications systems and services of consultancy and the creation and implementation of systems to improve the productivity and effectiveness of customer services. It currently provides services to numerous Canary Islands government departments and major companies in sectors such as tourism, aviation and financial services.


Director of Binter Sistemas and of Atlantis Technology.

Trained as a telecommunications Doctor engineer, his career started as an R&D engineer in Alcatel Telecom in Stuttgart followed by various senior positions in CajaCanarias and Banca Cívica in the technology and organisation areas.

Since 1998 he has been a teacher in the Computer Engineering Department of the ULL as well as currently collaborating with the Canary Islands European University.

Atlantis Technology was born in 2013 and is now a leading company within the TIC sector in the Canary Islands and Cabo Verde.

Binter carries 3.4 million passengers a year with 180 daily flights to eight inter-island destinations, two national destinations and 12 international destinations.


Bachelor in Economic and Business Sciences, he has been a deputy in the second legislature in the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Councilor of Presidency and Hiring in the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Counselor of the Canary Islands Special Zone, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Las Palmas, President of the Advisory Council of Endesa in the Canary Islands.

He is currently President of the Business Circle of Gran Canaria, Director in several companies and CEO of the MUR companies, with activity in: Real Estate, Agricultural, Industry and TOURISM Promotion.